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The Wise Guide tells a story of the leaders in our communities who are making conscious decisions from their heart. By doing so, it inspires new and old business models to change into more sustainable ones. It takes a humourous approach as it educates the public on healthy choices and societal issues.

Currently, the Toronto & GTA Wise Guide is in production. Once complete, our team will be hitting up all the major cities! These include: Vancouver, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, etc! Keep a look out ‘cus we’re-a-comin!

Callout for Wise Leaders!

A wise leader is someone who:
- makes conscious choices,
- supports local businesses & economy, and
- makes environmentally friendly, sustainable, organic, biodegradable, recycled, energy saving, carbon reducing choices.

If you are a wise leader or know of anyone that fits this criteria, we would love to speak with you! Please call Leslie at 416.801.1156 or e-mail 

Here are sample pages from the Toronto & GTA Wise Guide: