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Hello Wise Leaders!

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Us Wise guys have been quite busy this summer with the launch of the directory and website, but we wanted to take the time to introduce you to the entire concept of the Wise Directory.

More than just any other directory, we want to focus on the people and their ideas behind the business, and really show the business as a product of their enterprising spirit, as well as a service/product a conscious minded consumer can benefit from.

So what better way to display that than introduce to you the person behind OUR Wise business?

Meet our inspired founder, Alex Leikermoser. Alex is also the founder of a Wise Business herself, a onsite and online yoga company called Yogagurl, based in Toronto. She was first  inspired to create The Wise Directory during a Yoga Retreat in Hawaii, where she reflected on the entrepreneurs like herself that she knew, and how much time and energy goes into working for one’s own business, and the adverse effects of working so hard on one’s own, such as isolation.

“What I as missing was connecting to other like-minded people, and the community,” Alex says. “Because I love bringing people together, and I feel passionate about forming networks, connecting people, I thought ‘why not create something that connects like-minded entrepreneurs and customers, in a new and unique way that is focused more from the heart’. It should be more about their passion, their gift and what they’re sharing.”

…check website soon and often to check out other featured wise leaders.

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