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Welcome to Wise!

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Yay! We’ve birthed a new company, and it’s called The Wise Directory, or as we like to call it, WISE.

We’re glad you have expressed interest, we’re very excited for this new project and we here at WISE believe this will be the beginning of great things for the city of Toronto.

For those who are new, Welcome! WISE is a guide to the best of the socially conscious-minded enterprises in Toronto. We plan to feature companies that impact their community through contributions, are eco-minded and make efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, are established in their industry and run their business in a slightly different approach than the rest. Most of all, we want to focus on the people behind the company, and how they have become WISE Leaders in their business endeavors.

If you would like to keep up with our directory, please subscribe to our blog, or go to http://thewisedirectory.com to nominate a WISE business leader that should be featured! If you are a WISE Leader, contact us! We’ll send you more information of what WISE can do for you and your enterprise.

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